Friday, 5 November 2010

It's the perfect gift!

Give the feeling! 

Yes, the feeling you get from receiving a high quality gift is just great isn't it? And with so many different high quality luxury chess sets to choose from we have a collection to suit all  personalities and tastes. 

So, matching your theme chess pieces to that special person in your life couldn’t be easier and it’s great fun as well. 

Discover your favourite high quality themed chess sets now at CheckmateChessSets!

How our chess pieces are made

Here at CheckmateChessSets, we are only prepared to offer to our customers theme chess sets of the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

Each of the theme chess piece sets featured in our collection is derived from an original sculpture painstakingly crafted by a highly skilled craftsman. This original is then used to produce a master mould from which further moulds are created. It is into these moulds that a mixture of heavy ground marble or ground stone combined with a resin mixture is poured.

Once the sculpture has set it is then removed from the mould and either hand painted by skilled artisans to produce the decorated theme chess pieces or simply stained to produce the plain theme chess pieces. 

These beautiful theme chess pieces which are yours to own are the result of this process, a process which creates a product of both natural durability and, crucially, also of the right medium to create the most intricate and exquisite detailed sculptures. 

But we don''t want you just to take our word for it - thanks to our unique collection of high resolution close-up images you can see for yourself...right now!